How We Started

RAAPID Technical Services LLC, formally incorporated in 2004, is the descendant of the previous RAAPID Computing, RAAPID Communications, and RAAPID Networks companies (as well as several others that were sold and we no longer own the rights to the names) who rode through and survived the dot-com bubble and crash.

RAAPID Technical Services is an Information Technology (IT) consulting and engineering group that is the result of refining the experiences and skillsets gained from operating several successful B2B and customer-driven businesses ranging from network engineering, computer and network hardware sales, installation services, professional Windows and MacOSX desktop support services, Unix/Linux and Windows server maintenance (including BSD, Solaris, AIX, Redhat/SuSE/Debian/Ubuntu Linux), system programming and security analysis in a variety of languages, all the way to high-bandwidth network connectivity, scalability, and e-commerce web hosting (ISP).

We've taken these many experiences, tossed out what failed, didn't scale well, or was merely mediocre, unnecessarily complex or unstable, to deliver best-of-class consulting, engineering, implementation, and training services.

Please contact us to find out how we can resolve the problems and needs your business is facing today!

We also do repairing

If you've found yourself in the middle of a project that has become messier than expected, or if you'd like an extra hand to provide additional skill, and experience to drive it to completion, we're here to help!

We love untangling messy networks, feel free to challenge us with your most difficult projects involving any amount of undocumented legacy equipment. We guarantee you will receive a top-notch network customized to best match your specific requirements.


Get Special Offer

We have more upcoming specials in combination with Hurricane Electric! Contact us for details!

COLOCATION SPECIAL!! : We're currently offering full cabinets with 10Mbps of transit (burstable to 100Mbps) for $800 per month!

TRANSIT SPECIAL!! : We currently offering blocks of 10Mbps of transit for $100 per month in our Fremont location! Cross-connects within the building are free, and all traffic is measured on the 95th percentile so short traffic spikes don't increase your billed traffic levels.